Air Top 2000 - RV Campervan Heater

Air Top 2000 - RV Campervan Heater


Product Description

Air Parking Heater 2000 - for RV, Small Mini Bus

Working Principle

This heating system uses the diesel as the fuel, after the heat exchanger gets hot, air through the air blower arrives to the equipment and is then vented via existing vents with varying fan speeds

Scope of Application

The heater can be used for heating the cab of the small vehicles, vans, storage battery cars and all kinds of other vehicles.


Thermal Power : 2000 Watts

Fuel : Petrol or Diesel

Voltage : 12v / 24v

Fuel Consumption (Lt / Hr) : 0.12 - 0.24

Rated Power : 9 - 22 Watts

Weight : 2.6 Kg

Working Temperature : -40 Degrees C to + 20 Degrees C

Comes complete with all hoses, exhaust, fuel lines, clamps and instructions for installation.