Bus Rooftop Aircon Unit - AC36

Bus Rooftop Aircon Unit - AC36


Product Description


  • European styled and with a streamline appearance. Compatible to Bus body.
  • OE Supplier to Higer, Kinglong & BCI buses.
  • Superior cooling capacity and cooling air, low noise.
  • ISO9001/ TS16949/ QS9000/ CE/ ATP Certification
  • Bock, Bitzer, Danfoss, Gold-copper, Spal, etc top brand key parts.
  • Reasonable price, and a long life product.


Cooling Capacity
 Voltage  DC 24V
 Total power  1680W
 Blower air vol  6800m3/h
 Fan air vol  9500m3/h
 Compressor  Bitzer 4NFCY, 655cc/r
 Alternator  150A Batteryless
 Evaporator Dimensions
 Condenser Dimensions
 Refrigerant  R134a
Suit for vehicles 11~12m Large Bus